Monday, August 22, 2011

Nice Songs for New Things

A lot about my life is changing/going to continue to change in the coming weeks and months. And one of the best parts about new things? New songs to go along with them. September reminds me of back to school, moving, changes, re-evaluations and new undertakings. So, as my second time not returning to school but switching humble abodes - some great new tunes to enjoy in the cooling air are absolutely in order.

Here are some of the wonderful songs intriguing me as I pack up my home (room), start thinking "big girl" decorating and say goodbye to a year spent building memories in one place. I'm venturing out on my own this time around, so it's important I have some good and comforting music to get me through the packing process and adjustment to living with...just myself. Enjoy these lovely end-of-summer tunes, I sure am!

Calamity -The Decemberists

This Too Shall Pass - Rogue Wave

Take A Bow - Greg Laswell

Coldest Days - Rural  Albert Advantage

It's only a matter of time!

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