Friday, August 26, 2011

Party On Packers

Although I slightly apologize for my near-constant commentary on the whole moving process - I can't really help it. All of the logistics, the sleepless nights spent remembering tiny but important administrative details, and the neverending organizing has led me to be completely pre-occupied with the ordeal.

So, here are a few friendly images and fun Friday tracks to listen to while I rummage, help with my packing mood and help me remember that the best part about the weekend packing is friends, late night red wine and sounds to help with the whole thing:

Honey Bunny - Girls: Outgoing and energetic retro-sounding tunes, for when the dance party breaks out.

How To Love - Lil Wayne: Aw, Weezy. You big gooey gangster ball of love. Actually really enjoying this song; it has a wonderful message and I, of course, have a wee soft spot for Wayne and his grills.


Dinner - Blood Orange: Like a song that would be playing when a 1980s film protagonist struts into the high school prom's parted crowds, this song is such a seductive and flashy gem. So unbelievably into this band lately - they're so melodic and catchy, yet so unique.


Love How You Love Me - Neutral Milk Hotel: An old classic turned into a new one by this quirky indie group, as well as Beth Orton and Camera Obscura too. In case you think Jeff Mangum sounds like a cat having a bad cat dream - it's actually just his style, and it's kind of great.

And, aren't these lovely?

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