Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unpolished and Perfect

What I'm sharing is actually nothing overly newsworthy. I say that because I suppose the material isn't exactly new, but to me and the fact that I was fairly late on the discovery process - it feels like it is. I've been an avid Stars fan for as long as I can remember; I'm actually surprised I don't talk about my deep love for the Montreal-bred band more often, considering I probably am more familiar with their discography than that of any other Canadian band. It's been a long and very fulfilling relationship, and they always manage to warm my heart.

So naturally, I always make a note of picking up what they put out. And by nature, I'm also a massive fan of re-issued or re-packaged classics. But for some reason (maybe because it's not exactly new material), this one slipped through my fingertips. Stars' unbelievable 2007 release, In Our Bedroom After The War, was worn down to nearly nothing after the hundreds of hours of airtime I gave it in the place they wanted it played, my bedroom. Like the other releases (their album Set Yourself On Fire is an absolute must in everyone's collection), this album is personal, thoughtful and passionate. Three things that I was elated to hear re-emerge in their "unpolished" state on The Bedroom Demos - a release that features the raw, bare bones demos recorded prior to the release of the actual album. They're honest and open versions of the beautiful tracks; and perfectly vulnerable in their unfinished, test-run sort of state. Here is a glimpse into the demos, I hope you enjoy these cutting room floor beauties the way I have this week:

My Favourite Book - Stars (The Bedroom Demos)

Barricade - Stars (The Bedroom Demos)

Take Me To The Riot - Stars (The Bedroom Demos)

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