Monday, September 26, 2011


 I've expressed heavily, since the beginning of this blog (which was one year ago last week - wahoo!), my true and undying love for Mr. Ryan Adams. His ability to attempt any genre - whether it's by growling on the guitar or stroking at the acoustic, yelping into the mic or crooning quietly - he, to me, is the epitome of contemporary alt-country genius. And, he's back with another.

I already detailed a little about the first single from Adams' newest release Ashes & Fire called "Lucky Now" - but now that the album is streaming online, I really feel like I've struck the pot of gold. I simply cannot stop listening. Softer than some of his previous releases such as Jacksonville City Nights and Cardinology, this album has a little bit of Easy Tiger in it - thanks to the soft, rolling melodies that are meant to soar down the open autumn roads. Nothing says fall to me, like Ryan Adams.

The album is pleasantly honest, after his nearly two-year hiatus when he sought means of self-discovery and rest thanks to both good and bad developments - an uplifting new marriage to pop singer/actress Mandy Moore, and also the discovery of Ménière's disease. This disease of the inner ear is known to be excrutiatingly painful, even moreso when its aggravated by a rock star's debaucherous ways, and can affect hearing, sound absorption and balance. So, imagine the rest this star needed after coming to terms with his symptoms.

But, nonetheless - he's an artist. And he's returned with contagious country messages to warm even the coldest of hearts. His voice is relaxed, his message is love, and his legacy lives on. I can't wait to put this on the loud speakers on October 11th, and not move until the whole song list has played through twice. Here are the beautifully arranged favourites of mine, which I believe might contribute to this being his best album yet.

I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say - Ryan Adams

Dirty Rain - Ryan Adams

Other songs that are already favourites but available in video format are "Chains of Love" and  "Do I Wait". Listen to the rest at NPR.

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