Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look To The Wooden Sky

The end of August heard a lot of The Wooden Sky resonating from my headphones and bedroom speakers - because I've certainly been spending plenty of time slowly familiarizing myself with their amazing discography. This Canadian alt-rock group have bits and pieces of everything woven into their meaningful indie tunes - whether it's Ryan Adams-esque romance (like this one), contemporary Arcade Fire-sounding melodies or their own folky twists and turns. They really are an effortless sort of Canuck treat - and lately, their channel on CBC Radio 3 always has me smiling with the discovery of new hidden gems of theirs. If you haven't already checked them out and fallen in love, take a listen to lead singer Gavin Gardiner's country howls combined with sweet highway harmonies and slide guitar. This in particular is the perfect song for fall, and I can already mentally bump a few songs from my September roadtrip playlist to make room for their special ditties. This one will be first.

Wake up you're getting old/ I've been dreaming about mountains/ And you've been dreaming about gold/ And if I ever make it home/ To find my key won't open the door/ I've been thinking about selling off every shirt I own/ Just to stand out here naked in the cold/ Just trying to make it out on my own/ Well, oh my god it still means a lot to me/ Oh my god it still means a lot to me.

A pretty girl said to me/ "You've got to take all the little pieces/ Put them in one big box/ And just throw away the key/ No don't you ever show it to me"/ I've made that mistake before/ And came home to find my life just spilled out on the floor/ She said she was trying to make some room for more/ Well, oh my god it still means a lot to me/ Oh my god it still means a lot to me.

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