Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New York Times

This song shuffled onto my playlist last night as I was strolling to the downtown core for an evening of birthday burgers and beers, and I have to say, it was just the loveliest touch to a rainy September walk. As a favourite of mine from my high school/Carrie Bradshaw-obsessed days (I suppose that hasn't changed too much, actually), this tune is an absolute vintage classic which deserved to be unlocked from its dusty trunk and left to shine on top of some skyscraper where it belongs. If not there, it definitely deserved some long overdue quality time with my iPod and earphones.

Isn't it just the most enchanting song? It's amazing, that a song that hardly refers to the actual ingredients of New York City and Manhattan, can evoke such strong imagery from its famous piano loop and Billy Joel's soulful croons. I hear it, and immediatley think of damp beds of coloured leaves pinned underneath designer heels along the sidewalks of the busy streets. I think of happy, dressed-up couples dashing out of Brownstone rowhouses to make their reservation at the sexiest new restaurant. And of course, I can't help but hear distant cranky honks bouncing around Times Square throughout the sea of yellow taxi cabs. What a wonderful thing - all of those feelings coming from the most basic of song ingredients. That's the joy of not forgetting the classics! Here's an ode to the city of infinite possibilities, and one of my favourite places on earth.

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