Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night

Not quite...
 Last night I had three of my wonderful best gal pals over to celebrate...well, nothing. Actually, I take that back - we were together to celebrate a weeknight, in our overstuffed, multi-disciplinary, sweaty busy schedules, when we were able to line up our agendas and find four or five hours that jived. Now, you might think - how busy could we be? We don't have kids, some are single, some are not, most have graduated. Wrong! Sometimes I look at my apartment, as the other ladies do too I'm sure, and wonder why it looks so unfamiliar to me. Not because I've only been there for a month (I'm used to the place and how much I adore it), but more likely because sometimes lately, I only see it from the inside of my eyelids, when I come home and go straight to sleep in it. We are busy chickitas. Masters, full-time jobs, more than one job, animals, boyfriends, dates, homework, business lunches, business travels and tasty Vietnamese restaurants too close to our houses are some of the many reasons we find it hard to get together.

So, with that rant over, I'll get on to it. We needed the perfect mix of tunes to guide us through our celebrated and overly infrequent hang-outs. Step-by-step, here's what blared in the background of our special little evening:

Activity: Hugging hello, cooking, drinking from new stemless wine glasses and playing initial rapid-fire catch-up. There's nothing like finishing up in the kitchen while your house guests, and best friends, are relaxing and chatting with you from your nearby dining table. Cooking made interesting, in its finest.
Tunes: Blues, baby. I had one of my favourite CD's entitled something along the lines of "The Essential Blues Album" (or something like that...), pumping some gritty, sexy, upbeat blues jams to set the mood. The hard-working growls of the sassy blues singers and the thumping beat behind them were the perfect pairing with my sweat blood and tears  in the kitchen as I put the finishing touches on homemade mango/jalapeno salsa and garlicky gambas with chili peppers and roasted almonds. Also, people like James Brown, John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton are meant to be savoured with some equally delicious full-bodied red wine.

                                       Night Time Is The Right Time - Ray Charles

Activity: Setting the spread on the table, re-filling the wine glasses, diving into the array of M&M party-pack carbohydrates and sampling my awkwardly spicy (but tasty) creations. Eating, talking, and spitting food out to die of laughter.
Tunes: John Mayer, surprisingly. Something mellow but pleasing at this point in the night, because we wanted to munch loudly, bellow laughter and yell overtop of each other. Noisy or distracting music is not ideal for this part of the meal. Continuum, you ask? No - too mellow. We opted for a little upbeat and jolly throwback called Room for Squares. Much more polite and much more compatible with our screams ...which will have definitely lead to my being exiled by my neighbours.

                                                         Back To You - John Mayer

Activity: Piling the dishes into the kitchen without a care, clearing the food (but leaving some of the snackies out for when we inevitably get hungry again in four minutes), and making room for a hilariously girly activity of which I don't feel comfortable naming on the internet. I adopted it second-hand, you can't judge me, and it was the MOST fun. *cough* Sex and the City Trivia Game *hack*. Note: We actually never play boardgames, which is sad - we really should. And we certainly like to think we might do cooler things than play an estrogen-caked game like this, but who cares - it was a glorious mixture of cherades, my friend Kate screaming unecessary expletives at the rest of us, and the relaying of outrageous pick-up stories back and forth. Throw in some pillow-fighting and flower speckled cotton pajama bottoms, and we could have called it a night.
Tunes: Old school hip-hop jams. Enough said. Beats to pump us up for our ferocious battle of the single woman game and beats to wind us down when we tackle the mound of dishes.

                                          Concrete Schoolyard - Jurassic 5

All in all, it's not in the tunes. The tunes were a wonderful contribution to what was predicted to be a perfect little girls night in, but it was the girls themselves who made it so fabulous.

The hoodlums

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