Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quiet Time

This makes me excited for a quiet, rainy, leafy fall.

 This chilly week was made even colder by a small injury I endured. Well, I suppose it's not overly small - seeing as I'm on crutches for a few days - but it feels small because it's forcing me to live small, act small and do little, tiny things with my time. I'm not in grave amounts of pain also, which could contribute to my downplaying it. After a week of what I consider to be immense self-sufficiency - I've been forced onto a couch for a whole day, forced to sit put at my work desk and rely on the mobility of others when it comes to my Bridgehead coffee and triple berry muffin addiction, and forced to go home, make a simple meal and just stay put. I mean, I can do that. I actually love quiet time, despite the fact that I'm rarely ever at home. But it really is refreshing to have time for myself and time with a good book or magazine or pen and paper. But that being said, I only require a little bit of company. Which is usually where some nice songs come in. Here are the friendly companions I've kept by my side so far during my time on the sidelines. I hope you find some quiet time to spend with them also! They won't disturb you, they're very hush and respectful, I promise.

Here are some nice images that remind me of being silent. What do you like to do on your quiet days?

I'll Be Seeing You - Billie Holiday

                                        Love is Simple - Akron/Family

Falling Awake - Gary Jules

                                                       Lodestar - Sarah Harmer

Goodnight Moon - Said The Whale

Find time to be quiet in the fall, there's no better season!
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