Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to Paradise

Coldplay's latest album cover looks like the new songs sound...

The new Coldplay song "Paradise", while following in the same upbeat and likeable footsteps at its predecessor first single "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" - proves in sound, not lyric, to be much more. It's triumphant-sounding - and with a little pop beat and a melange of pleasant instruments it almost resembles some of their earlier Rush of Blood to the Head melodies - only with speckles of new-age decoration. Slightly more futuristic in its sound, I find it to be completely beautiful. With each new song released, I'm more excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. No, this song is not revolutionary - I've already put aside the hope of a lyrically advanced album; but yes, every tune I've heard out of this new release is so far lovely, and fun for everyone.

Despite my love for their original Brit-rock sound, I'm so far enjoying Coldplay's sonic experimentation heard in the tastes of Mylo Xloto. These aerial sounds have proved to be the way of the present and the future; everyone wants to get their paws on the funky retro zaps of emotional synthesizer and danceable balladry.

"Paradise" starts with soaring organ keys, not hesitating long before allowing in a group of movie-score-sounding whimsical violins and crashing in to the full-bodied swing of the song. Chris Martin's famously sweet falsetto rings prettily from behind the boom of the instrumental arrangement, and flashy new sounds blend as the seconds pass on. Something else worth mentioning, is that I can't wait to hear when the first hard-hitting hip-hop remix stops by. I can already hear 101 places in which a contemporary hip-hop superstar would interject.
Looping between the ethereal, spacey moments and the undefeated-sounding orchestral essence of the whole story, you don't need to decipher the meaning of Chris Martin's not-so-interesting songwriting, because aside from that - "Paradise" really sounds the part.

Mylo Xloto hits stores October 24th, 2011.

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