Friday, October 14, 2011


Like I've said before, it's extremely rare for my girlfriends and I to be able to plan a night out - all of us, together, dancing, laughing, not working. Well, tonight is the night. One of them, who never gets a night off - has never been more excited to let her hair down. The other, who's in the midst of graduate studies - is ready to whip her hair back and forth. Another one of them, who coincidentally has the longest hair of them all (what am I even talking about anymore?) - is going to be sporting a half-up/down doo, because she has to leave us to bartend at 11:00pm. Sad.

But, regardless, this night has awaited us since our last GNI (girl's night in, figure out the article title now!), and we're going to make the most of it, despite any obstacles in our way. Here are some of the pumped-up jams we might be tapping (or shaking, kicking, losing, etc.) our pumped-up kicks to ce soir.

Isn't this the catchiest GNO song you've ever heard (other than my obsession with "Moves Like Jagger"...? It's in dedication to the other girls who aren't in town - but would be out in full force tonight if they were.

New jam.

Newer jam.

Newest jam.

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