Thursday, October 20, 2011


A co-worker told me this morning that he caught a Sundance Film Festival-winning flick called Another Earth at our one of our local theatres, and that it was a powerful intriguing film he insists everyone sees right away. I watched the trailer, and was blown away at the concept; it's absolutely one of those storylines you can't particularly describe, but one that makes sense in a 3-minute trailer montage. A 3-minute clip that I was pleased to find was also put to one of the most haunting songs of all time.

About 3 years ago (day of 3's?), I fell in love with Canadian songbird Patrick Watson. A former winner of the Polaris Prize - a coveted Canadian music honour that this year was taken home by Arcade Fire - Watson is unparalled and breathtaking in his thoughtful, quiet balladry. So, imagine my absolute elation when I found that this seemingly profound story concept was matched with Watson's collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra, a British downtempo and jazz instrumental clan. They make beautiful music, and even more beautiful creations when flowing behind Watson's acapella perfection.

I was happy on this blustery wet fall day to discover the magic of this earth-shaking song again. It really is the music people must have in mind when definining songs that could bring people to their knees. It's one of those songs that whatever feelings might be lingering under your surface - happiness, melancholy, urgency or rebellion - they will come to fruition when this anthem plays loud. I highly, highly suggest you listen to the real deal (which is actually two songs "To Build A Home" and "That Home") combined into one 6-minute piece of heaven.


And here's the live version of the last part of the song, "To Build a Home". Wow.


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