Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Don't Care.

I was recently at a conference. It was green-related, like most  all of my job, and so a supposedly very environmentally-conscious (and huge) band played the opening kick-off event. Now, all week when I was explaining where I would be for my few days away, what I would be doing, and some of the special perks of the event - everyone kept remarking, "Ooh, are you going to show your moves like Jagger?!"...

This was unsettling. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I already knew I didn't want to know. And no, I most likely wouldn't be shaking it - pencil-skirted, high-heeled and amongst work peers - like Mick. It didn't take me long to figure this remark had something to do with a song, or something the lead singer did on his hit show "The Voice", and then I inevitably found out that the former was true. I had apparently spent my summer inside of a dark, dark pop culture hole - and had missed this huge hit flying out from the airwaves.

So, once I figured it out, still having not heard this famous pop tune - I would gladly partake in banter about how, despite my general excitement for the conference and the amazing opening plenary events, I was in no way excited to see this band. They had their moment to shine, their lead singer was super dreamy - but no, I wasn't a fan and didn't intend to be. (Clearly, judging from my three-month-late response to one of their biggest hits yet).

But then, I went to this opening event, ate, drank, was merry - all the while so distracted with good conversation and stimulating speakers that I don't think I even noticed the performers get announced. I then heard the opening whistle of the song, as I looked down from the VIP booth, and watched the band take the stage to kick-off the wonderfully innovative and forward-thinking conference with a bang. "Oh! THIS song!", I exclaimed. I knew it after all, or at least recognized it from the background music played during my shopping cardio at popular young stores. It was absolutely one of those experiences where I completely took everything I said back. This song was catchy as hell, and it took every bit of my restraint not to helicopter my collared-top above my head. And, performed live by tasty, tight-shirted Adam Levine and his high-pitched, prancing self? Not too terrible, I must say. Would I normally sign up for a Maroon 5 concert? Absolutely not. But should I speak/judge before listening to any song, regardless of where it stands on the pop charts? Absolutely not. Like I've said in numerous posts before, if you like it - it's good music. Maybe not good to everyone. But feels good to you. And you can't put a label, price or judgement on feeling that healthy kind of good, people.

Because that night, my fellow opening ceremony-goers and colleague friends saw me move like Jagger. And I don't care. *Reader's note: Check back with me after having heard it more than seven times, I may have a slightly changed opinion...

Aw yeah.

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