Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lana Live

Continuing on her character-driven rise to fame, here is the first sighting of Ms. Lana Del Rey performing live - singing her ever-so-sultry and sad, breathy pin-up ballad "Video Games". Her pouty lips and white dress-suit only further enhance the feeling that you're watching a dreamy "Hollywood sadcore" star (as she puts it), while she sways shiftily to the haunting love song, captivating those curious, unsure and in love with her.

The words become more real every time I hear them, and coming from the puppy-eyed brunette under ethereal blue lighting, they make even more sense than before. This song is every bit about youth as it is about Hollywood and over-indulgence; it encompasses loneliness, thrill, boredom and sex. These themes are portrayed exquisitely through Del Rey's blank stare and long legs, while she seductively taunts from behind the microphone.

Enjoy Lana live, I know I enjoy her even more now.

Lana Del Rey - Live on Jools Holland

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