Monday, October 3, 2011

Let Me Hear That Song

I have to apologize again! I've been SO busy lately - my headphones and my keyboard have nearly been abandoned. (Unless for not-as-fun emails and work-related things). I've been back and forth between three cities, taking planes, trains and automobile all over the place - and I've neglected everything from my apartment, to grocery shopping and now this. Sigh.

So, expect little bits and pieces of what I've managed to get my ear on - and when all calms down a little bit, expect much, much more. I still adore the time I get to type. And I still adore this new dance-punk classic from The Rapture, who have returned from their long hiatus and revealed this new age favourite. Kick your heels/sneakers off and thrash around the dance floor with your best friends, it's the perfect song for it. Forewarning - it gets real good at 3:20...:


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