Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Lana Love

Oh, hurry up and release more of an album, woman! I just am loving everything Lana Del Rey these days, which I've said before, but as of now i'm stuck with this sad syndrome of making due with the songs that have leaked online. I feel deprived of the amazing music she'll inevitably release more of, and the captivating live shows she'll inevitably play more of when she rises to inevitable stardom. In the mean time, I have to make due with what I already know, and the new listens I get out of what I already know.

What a fascinatnig girl - I'm just desperate to find out more about her. But I'm moreso desperate to do it through her musical oddities. Play her for almost anyone, and I would be surprised to hear you didn't get positive responses across the board. Everyone loves strange things they don't really understand.


Lana Del Rey - Double A-Side Single - October 16th

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