Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Starring Mazzy

They're back, hooray! Mazzy Star is set to release two new singles within the next month, and this is simply wonderful news to me - as well as grade nine me, who was over-the-moon obsessed with anything Mazzy Star and their phenomenal lead singer Hope Sandoval.

The two songs, from the preview below, sound typically Mazzy Star (soft, haunting melodies), with a little taste of more contemporary popular folk we hear so much nowadays. What's even more gorgeous than the songs themselves? It's the ethereal indie band's first release in over a decade. Mazzy Star and their sleepy acoustic lullabies were so revolutionary in the 90s, making many "top" lists, including mine, as influential bands bringing forward that indie flavouring. Something about Hope Sandoval's dreamy voice howling from her slight frame still stands out as the perfect rebellion against caving into popular female dance genres that were ruling the airwaves those days. She was the Lykke Li, the Lana Del Rey, the girl who it seemed everything about her was just a little bit more different than the next.

I remember when I started exploring my love for female rock and acoustic artists further - moving past the confines of Canadian Women and Songs-like artists and researching who else was making waves as powerful artists. In the late 90s and early millenium, I started transitioning from Sarah McLachlan to Cat Power, Paula Cole to The Cranberries, Jann Arden to Veruca Salt, Mazzy Star and The Cardigans. Not that these artists were any better than my former obsessions, but they certainly had a little bit more mystery to them - something coming-of-age I couldn't get enough of. The album So Tonight That I Might See (1993) from Mazzy Star was on such-constant repeat that I truly couldn't understand when the band just...disappeared. The only things I was hearing out of tiny Hope Sandoval were sporadic collaborations and then her appearance alongside her latest venture, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions. This was all fine and well, but I've been waiting for the return of Sandoval and David Roback in the form of Mazzy Star for quite some time.

                        The New Stuff:

Common Burn/Lay Myself Down (preview) - Mazzy Star

The Old Stuff:

Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

           Into Dust - Mazzy Star

 The In-Between:

                                           Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Trouble

Hope Sandoval & The Chemical Brothers - Asleep from Day

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