Thursday, October 27, 2011

Warming Up

It. is. cold. This morning my little feet would have frozen in my flats on my short jaunt to work, if it wasn't for my wise decision to whip out the winter jacket and upload any new tunes in my possession straight onto my iPod. Can you believe it's November? Aside from the crisp and icy air and mid-morning sunshine, I really can, actually, because like clockwork near the end of fall - there's been an influx of groundbreaking leaked hits that can't be ignored. Everything that's slowly easing its way onto the airwaves is actually...phenomenal.

As the spooky weekend approaches, I thought I would hold off on the holiday-related post for just a little, because these new tunes that are keeping me ever-so-happy and cozy these days can't be left alone for too much longer.  Listen, love and download more - you'll undeniably have your heart warmed.

What new songs are keeping you warm alongside your knit scarves and turtlenecks?

Home - Mumford and Sons:
 Hearing Marcus Mumford strip his normally strained British howl into a quiet, longing hum is enough to make me slow right down. The song is perfectly hush with its gentle introduction, cascading guitar strings and subdued romantic piano; and of course, as the song winds down - Mumford's voice winds up a little. Yet, it never takes off, and that is some of the beauty in this new single. This really is the ideal tune to cozy up to in the brisk November nights; in fact, it might be one of my favourite Mumford and Sons songs to date.

Intro - M83 feat. Zola Jesus:
This song isn't brand new, but my oh my, isn't it perfect? I love the newest M83 album, and especially its whimsical title Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. This song sounds like what those album title words mean. I love the urgent shout in the vocals,  the atmospheric synthesizer and the soaring twinkle behind it all. When the beat comes in, it's as if a musical rocket launches - and the whole thing goes flying high.

Cough Syrup - Young The Giant:
I had a big Young The Giant summer, as you might know from this post. So, maybe I'm feeling a little of the nostalgic summer warmth when I revisit the buoyant single from the happy Californian band. Catchy licks and surfer melodies are sometimes all you need, even if the grass has frost in it.

Hurts Like Heaven - Coldplay:
 This song is actually gorgeous. I can't wait to watch these members of Brit-rock royalty skyrocket back into the front-running position in the industry - where they've conquered charts many times before. The track's cheery disposition, rapid beat and 80s pop melody represent a side of the band we haven't typically seen much of with their prior alt-rock albums. I really want to know the band's motivation for pushing out such a happy, splashy album filled with uplifting sounds, electro beats and lighthearted melodies; although always love-song advocates, surely something in them changed to cause them to swivel in the other direction. This album is undoubtedly going to dive head first onto the top of the Billboard charts, and will absolutely be one of their biggest yet.

Stay warm!

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