Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shake It Out, Shake It Off

There's nothing more perfect, in my mind, than hearing a song you can carry with you through a number of scenarios. Versatile sounds, oodles of instruments and a range of conveyed emotions make for the perfect flexible tune which you can adjust based on time, date and unpredictable day-to-day events.

In this case, I spent the last (upsettingly busy) week using the newest Florence + the Machine song, off her recently released album Ceremonials, as this uplifting little piece of heaven I turned to - whether I was at the point of passing out on my keyboard or running late (which I hate) to my next appointment. Everything about it is positive and comforting, and during this lunatic month or even your lunatic everyday life - maybe a little Florence is exactly what the doctor would prescribe all of us.

The music video, triumphant-sounding melodies and brave lyrics were especially ideal ingredients in soothing me while I was clearly out of my natural element yesterday, during a fairly large presentation I gave to over 250 people. Pumping from my earbuds during breakfast and winding me down once I returned home - the repeated message throughout this song was the plain perspective I found myself needing, in its most grassroots form."Shake it out", "shake it off", and "walk it off" are all verbal coaching mechanisms and remedies we've heard for the better portion of our lives. And maybe they still hold more value than I thought - because listening to Florence's booming croon coach me yesterday proved as effective as ever.

So, whether you're lip-syncing in your underwear, in need of a musical caffeine hit or wanting just a little boost to get you through your day - I have the gal for you. Remember to enjoy the rest of Florence's new album; this song is only a taste of it's overall deliciousness.

"...And I am done with my graceless heart/ So tonight I'm gonna cut it all and then restart/ Cause I like to keep my issues strong/ Its always darkest before the dawn / Shake it out, Shake it out/"

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