Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snap Into It

Today, I was in a rut. There's no explanation why - aside from my deafening head cold - but, I needed a little something to pick me up. Since candy-like cough drops and countless cups of eye-popping caffeine weren't enough, I figured I'd find inspiration for the day ahead in some really, truly beautiful notes. That's when I remembered, a week ago I discovered my current favourite band - and they were the rut remedy.

The remedy was found in former Great Lake Swimmers' member Colin Huebert's new project Siskiyou and their loyal-to-suit chilly, instrument-packed melodies. Featuring gorgeously subdued vocals shaking alongside layered instruments and chaotic arrangements - this is exactly what I needed to breathe in today. Every song is humble but triumphant, catchy but unique - resembling a beautifully organic jam between Paul Adams (Interpol), Paul Murphy (Wintersleep), Hey Rosetta!'s intrumentalists and the grassroots musical concepts put forth by the Swimmers themselves. Quiet, sensible anthems tinker alongside clanging indie-rock, releasing a range of emotions alongside Huebert's intimate vocals.

The songs are short and haunting. This collection of tracks, which apparently were laid during a crisp snap of winter in what I would assume would be a deep rural setting, are little cold snaps in themselves. Tunes like "So Cold", "Keep Away The Dead" and my personal favourite "Twig and Stones" are heavy breaths of fresh air that wake you up with each little listen. If you're feeling the November beside-yourselves as well, please listen. Siskiyou won't disappoint.

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