Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wishful Thinking

This is currently the background to my Blackberry...premature? Nah.

Being a December baby, I'm always first to jump the Christmas gun. There's really no such thing as too early for me. As soon as the spooky season is over, I'm ready for sparkling lights, cinnamon and pine aromas and a little snow on the windowsill. And, needless to say, I'm even more ready for the music. The perfect, cozy and sugary sweet holiday music.

I know that these days it feels as if September and November weather has swapped, but I'm not concerned; I know that frosty cold snap is around the corner to push us that little bit into the festive season. So, I'm going to (like clockwork) jump the Christmas gun again and try and coax a little chill out of Mother Nature with this tune. Do I like cold, wet feet the day after Christmas is over? No. But do I love a snowy breeze on the cocoa and carol-filled days leading up to my favourite day of the year? Ab.so.lutely.

Bring on the red and green!

                                                 Matt Pond PA  - "Snow Day"

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