Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Countdown - #11

Welcome back to the second week of In The Round’s countdown to 2012. Let’s get right down to enjoying two amazing artists who released stellar artists in the past year – both acclaimed, both rocking and both going absolutely nowhere anytime soon.

TV on the Radio

TV ON THE RADIO – Nine Types of Light: As one of my favourite art rock bands, I was pretty overwhelmed at the undeniable coolness and diverseness of this April release. Experimental and making its way in 100 directions over the course of the song list – the album’s buzzing electric undertones, lead Tunde Adebimpe’s plain growling holler and sporadic rock detonations make this one of the most acclaimed TVOTR releases yet. Heartwarming lyrics that are paired with equally sweet and atmospheric chords rival funkier rhythms and edgier messages – and this band completely deserves the "Universal" that music criticism website Metacritic gave it. Sometimes, I think that TV On The Radio are just a little bit wiser than the rest of us.  Highlight songs: “Will Do”, “Killer Crane”, “Caffeinated Consciousness”



DESTROYER – Kaputt: Dan Bejar’s most recent project with Destroyer - his follow-up project to years contributing music to The New Pornographers - is a big melting pot of all sorts of musical influences; a crafty concoction that made this one of the most popular indie rock albums of the year. Bits of 80s-sounding A-ha moments can be heard in synth-based songs, French Riviera appropriate lounging-in-love ballads and even explosive bouts of soft-rock saxophone are heard throughout the rollercoaster work of art. But Bejar’s creamy soft lullaby is the common piece of each puzzling, but pretty, track. Highlight songs: “Blue Eyes”, “Poor in Love”, “Kaputt” 

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