Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Countdown - #14

Welcome back to Day 2 of the 2011 Countdown – glad you came back for a few more! This year of music, like every one – was an exciting one filled with oddities, ups, downs, complete transitions, new sounds and trends we’re going to have to settle with for some time. Every year, the old comes back, new unexpected music style emerges and sounds die before they even take off. It’s a tough game, but the two bands mentioned today have sustained over the years – showing us that their own evolutions are still far from over.

Cut Copy
CUT COPY - Take Me Over: As a band that formed in the early millennium as an Aussie electro-project, their 80s reminiscent pop beats haven’t retreated over a decade later – although they may have dusted away a lot of the electro glitter of previous albums and thrown further back to a more rock-influenced retro sound, they’re still masters of that indietronica flavour. Some of the songs I’m most drawn to feature an underlying Smiths-reminiscent taste of rock beneath the catchy hooks and loop-laden flow. The album, like their other fantastic ones, is a time machine in itself; the untrained ear wouldn’t be able to determine whether it was authentic 80s strobe light anthems or newly churned electro-indie. Highlight songs: “Where I’m Going”, “Need You Now” and “This is All We’ve Got.”

RADIOHEAD – The King of Limbs: The cult-classic group of new rock godfathers experiment heavily on this short album; a compilation of stranger-than-In Rainbows songs which boast more awesomely unique pots-and-pan sounding clangs then a group of toddlers on a playdate. Mixing the sonic, chilled-out rock strings coined by the esteemed musicians, with those eccentric rhythms, turntable tricks and Thom Yorke’s gentle howl – it’s of their more atmospheric and peculiar albums to date. Coming from Radiohead, an ever-changing band who we a) aren’t meant to fully understand and b) will never fail to push us out of our ‘Radiohead comfort zone’ – that says a lot. Highlight songs: “Lotus Flower”, “Codex” and “Give Up The Ghost”.

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