Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Countdown - #4

Well, well, well. Now isn't it fitting that on this day, my birthday, the 2011 countdown contains:
a) the #4 - my favourite and luckiest number
b) two of my favourite Americana-savvy artists who make near-perfect sounding rock 'n roll.

So, Happy Birthday to me! I don't think I need to introduce these guys any further than those two fun tidbits of news on an otherwise very fun day.

Fleet Foxes
FLEET FOXES - Helplessness Blues: As some of my favourite group of Seattle (music hub) folk-rockers, the Foxes really struck gold with this chilly rustic compilation of yesteryear-sounding Americana hymns. Visions of rolling hills, setting sun and crowds of flower children are inevitable after a one-through of this Simon and Garfunkel-meet-America classic rock beauty - and amidst the "find yourself" lyrics and howling harmonies, you will fall in love with folk and rock all over again. Highlight songs: "The Shrine/An Argument", "Helplessness Blues", "Someone You'd Admire", "Grown Ocean"


 WILCO - The Whole Love:  We can always trust that Jeff Tweedy, who's been called the "Dad" of contemporary alt-rock based on his 15 years as a touring vet and collaborator, will deliver us with something entirely worthwhile. In between buzzing guitars, new punkier moments and catchy hooks - bits and pieces of novel Wilco sounds will appear right beside the classic strumming, slide guitars and storytelling drawl we can expect out of the seasoned alternative-rock musician and his band. His voice, melodies, and beautifully dependable songwriting genius make this collection one of this best yet. Highlight songs: "Black Moon", "Capitol City", "One Sunday Morning"(beautiful song)

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