Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Countdown - #8

Today we're going to take a little glance into what's hip and what's hip-hop. This year, the twosome rap conglomerate that assembled Watch The Throne - one of the most highly anticipated albums of the  year - as well as the hipster nation's favourite dance/thrash/ride bicycles compilation of the year were two major music takeovers that had people moving, grooving, bouncing and vibing all through the summer of 2011. Let's take a listen:

Hov and Ye

JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST - Watch  The Throne: This Grammy-nominated album, regardless of how spectacular the final product was, wins the obvious award for most hype surrounding a hip-hop album or tour in many, many years. The collaboration between these two rap geniuses was lyrically predictable yet powerful - the result of two fame-hungry, big beat-savvy, successful players who boast being a percentage of "bazillionaires." It's tough for the friendly but rivalling hip-hop empires to balance each other throughout the album - sometimes sounding a little in disarray - but the mere spectacle of the collaboration sparkled so bright it was impossible to ignore as a huge moment in hip hop. They're visionaries - so anything they do, separate or together - I find fascinating. Highlight songs: "Lift Off", "Otis", "N**gas in Paris"

The Naked and Famous

THE NAKED AND FAMOUS - Passive Me, Aggressive You: It really is difficult to say whether or not this five-piece indie pop band will make it past the first album and into a wave of further success - but for the time being, they've sure made some enjoyable tunes that were completely akin with the upbeat dream pop we heard so much of in 2011. Rhythmic, danceable punky melodies, as well as sombre sonic beats and the dueling boy/girl vocals of Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers are all a load of fun - and perfectly represented in the (naked and) famous smash hit "Young Blood". Highlight songs: "All of This", "Punching in a Dream", "Young Blood", "Girls Like You"

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