Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet Disposition


I went through a phase of heavy Temper Trap obsession last year (rightfully so), but since the Aussie indie-rockers haven't released anything particularly fresh recently - I find myself in love with this recently discovered spin of their 2010 jam "Love Lost". The funky Keljet remix certainly has a new vibe without upheaving the original goodness of the gorgeous rock concept; the re-vamped mix has fostered a flashy kind of beat, a brand new and cheerfully melodic guitar riff mid-song and awesome build-up to an end of song electro throwdown.

Whether I'm bouncing around my apartment, trying not to dance on the treadmill, or strolling through the city lit-up with winter - this song is just a little piece of magic on an otherwise dull day. I also have bitten the bullet and gotten a new laptop, and so slowly but surely the music library is being built back with little gems like this making it better. I hope you enjoy this, and wish me luck with my re-entry into the digital (music) world.

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