Monday, January 16, 2012

Bigger Than Hip-Hop

After interviewing a booming local rap duo last week, I was inspired by their throwback sound, old-school themes and crafty sampling, so much so that I thought - why not throw back and dive into my old hip-hop library? This library was a huge part of my upbringing - the socially conscious and political messages, the soulful sound infiltration and the thoughtful concepts that made up "underground" or "old-school" hip-hop all contributed to my love for a good beat and rhyme combination. As a teenager, my iPod was crammed with it; the sounds walked me all over town, warmed me up for games and fueled my love for writing even more. In more recent years, it's been noticeably sparse and hard to come by such thought-provoking hip-hop gems. So, why not dedicate this chilly week to some very chill songs, some very important moments in music history, and celebrate a sound that shaped too man societal and cultural happenings to name. As for the local duo, expect a post on them when their newest full-length drops this weekend.

For the first day, Monday, let's just reminisce:

Pete Rock and CL Smooth. What a classic.

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