Friday, January 20, 2012

Rap It Up

Since it's Friday (which means celebration and feel-good jams any week) and tomorrow I'm attending (actually sponsoring) a hip-hop festival featuring huge Canadian rap acts -  I'm 'rap-ping' up hip-hop week with a few of my all-time favourite tunes. What a great end to a week that was dedicated to honouring this awesome genre - one that hasn't necessarily gone down the tubes, but certainly needs to be dusted off every now and again to remind us where it came from. Here are a few final old-school beats, and a peak into local hip-hop power duo Philly Moves whose album leaked online this week/drops tomorrow - and who are playing two time slots at Ottawa's Winterfest this weekend. Check them out, they're a glimpse into the new twists on old-school hip-hop that contemporary rappers are capable of.

The Old...

And the new...

Seven Years - Philly Moves: Peep the new album online, or pick it up tomorrow. Hats off to this local pair for bringing good sound back!

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