Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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I love this picture of the city.

I had a very busy weekend now that I'm looking back on it, but it's as if the entire thing started from Saturday morning onwards. From that point, it was non-stop - but Friday night was a different story. Starting with a chilly after-work stroll around shops before retreating to my toasty little apartment in the sky, experimenting with a delicious new dish and then curling into my bed (despite having the option of dining room and/or living room) under the blankets with magazines and tea. I wasn't long for the world that night, but it was so relaxing being cozied up under my duvet in comfy clothes, reading recreationally (imagine that) and completely zoning out after a hectic week. I also hit the jackpot with my Feist playlist - a smooth, jazzy flow of songs that put me right in the sleepy Friday night mood. How perfect is this cover she crooned of her old rock collective's famous ballad?

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