Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Step To These

Ah, Souls of Mischief, Hieroglyphics (a group the S.O.M. collective is a part of also) and People Under The Stairs. Three of my absolute favourite groups and three of my absolute favourite tracks. This hip-hop heavy week is completely making me miss the good ol' days of hip-hop, the yesteryear of beats and the fathers of underground. As People Under The Stairs say - let the music take over your soul, body and mind, kick back, relax, one time and you will find:

Step To My Girl - Souls of Mischief: I love the lighthearted saxophone undertone to this classic Souls track, combined with the young and raspy shouts. It's a strange lyrical and instrumental combination, but it totally works when the theme of the song ("don't even look at my girl on a slow jam") and the feisty ode to his girl clicks in. Snappy beat and turntable scratches? That's real hip-hop right there.

Powers That Be - Hieroglyphics: And we might as well toss in a number from the hip-hop collective that bred Souls of Mischief. Again, a song that features a contagious skat beat and bouncy guitar licks; one that is perfect for any occasion, particularly while strolling down any street - jiving to the sassy rap jam in your ears.

Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs: "Out on the porch..." is probably one of the most iconic opening phrases in hip-hop, because everytime that dusty voice chimes in - you know what's in store.  Rolling drum pats, confident and powerful delivery, genius rhymes and a plainly perfect chorus. People Under The Stairs certainly hold a special place in my underground heart.

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