Friday, January 27, 2012

Warm Invite

Remember this song? How sweet.

How great are custom wedding and party invitation/stationary pieces like this? Happy little song lyrics and quotes printed ever-so-plainly on the front of the paper card, warmly extending an invitation and a little bit of cheer to your guest or reader. It's just lovely. Well, even just lyrics popping up ANYWHERE in decor is wonderful; words and their meaning are so subjective and appreciated differently by each person who hears them, so much so that I could probably never guess what half of my own friends would have printed.
I love easily customizable ideas like this - I can already think of a million and one quotes I would put on my pieces of cardstock or walls.

What would you print?

Song Lyric Art

Song Lyric Art

All I Want Is You Art

Custom Lyrics on Record

 NYC framed digital typographic print lyrics quote big lights will inspire you

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