Friday, January 6, 2012

What A Year For A New Year

Raise your hand if you've experienced the weight of the work world on your shoulders this week? Getting back into the groove, tackling outrageous to-do lists and trying to dig yourself out from under heaps of work? Or maybe, like me, you can relate to all of this work being that much more strenuous because you've picked up a little of that phantom virus that's always "going around". Yuck.

Regardless, I took a little heal/work/sloth hiatus after my 2011 countdown and am (despite my lingering sickness) back and ready to turn up the tunes, baby. Here are a few new songs that are getting me excited for these few new artists. Let's see where they end up, shall we? Happy New Year! I can't wait to hear what happens in 2012.

"SPEAK IN" - Not An Airplane: This alt-country band has recently self-released It Could Just Be This Place, a taste of their seasoned-sounding bluegrass romance and rambling stories. I really think we should keep our eyes out for these guys. Check out David Fricke's critical acclaim of the twangy release here, where you can hear more songs as well.

"AFRAID OF SUMMER" - Lost Landers: Resembling a strange atmospheric mix between The Shins and Fleet Foxes, if a ghostly female voice were added to either, this new Oregon-based band is blowing up all over the internet with their spacey California-ready first jam. I like, and I think the world will too. Free download here. Here's an older (wicked) track of theirs called "Cold Feet":

"DIE LIKE A ROCKSTAR" - Danny Brown: (*Listener Discretion: Explicit Lyrics) Like I've said before, I'm a gigantic fan of old-school hip-hop. All of it, including the beat-heavy and battle-friendly gangster rhymes. Danny Brown, whether he tones it down or not, will be a part of new hip-hop. This Pharoahe Monche/Odd Future sound-a-like is quick, crass and ruthless on his most recent EP; his vocal delivery and high-pitched bark is feisty, piercing, freakishly honest (taking a page out of the Tyler, The Creator book) and will kick his opponents when they're down. Random note about the artist? He's a hipster - currently digging St.Vincent and Jack White, and rocking a Skrillex haircut and skinny jeans. Yeah - weird, I know. Not everyone's cup of tea - but he's going to do something.

"IN YOUR NATURE" (David Lynch remix) - Zola Jesus: I've always loved Zola Jesus, but the fact that David Lynch, the acclaimed filmmaker, remixed this song to be as stunning and breathtaking as musically possible, makes me love her and it even more. I think the two should put out an entire album together. Listen and ADORE.

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