Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adele is the Vogue

Looking ever-so-fabulous on the upcoming cover of Vogue Magazine, Adele also delves into a few details of her plans moving forward following easily one of the biggest weeks of her already mammoth musical career. If you ask me, these quotes only further confirm her perfection, and make it nearly impossible to contain my excitement when it comes to what unstoppable sounds we'll be treated to next. Her utter confidence, raw revelations and humble attitude are an absolute treat to observe during her conquering of the music world. She is the definition of one for the books.

Adele, talking to Vogue about the man/heartbreak who inspired her number one album 21:

"He was amazing," she says. "He was great. But it was never going to work. And for ages, I was like, 'As if he deserves any f–––––– kudos for inspiring my record.' But now, after some time, it only seems right that the person who so far has had the biggest impact on me – has now changed my life for f–––––– ever with this album – deserves a little credit."

And talking to Vogue about the hiatus she'll take to focus on new music and revel in her six Grammy wins:

"So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record and be in love and be happy ... I won't come out with new music until it's better than 21."

You go girl.

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