Monday, February 27, 2012

Taking Flight

If I'm missing in action this week - it could or could not be because I'm moving cities in two days. Although I'm so very sad to leave my life how it is (glorious and blessed with wonderful people here), I can't wait for new things. New streets, new music, new friends, new home - new everything. I remembered this flashy little jam on the weekend while out for a few goodbye glasses of red wine with friends, and I was immediately invigorated by the thought of buzzing Toronto streets, buildings tucked in the sky, my high-rise abode and new beats to give me life.

This song is everything, if we're talking girl-on-the-go and new endeavours. With sounds like this, I guess you could say I'm starting to crave the city. Wish me luck!

Artwork by Rita Squier

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