Monday, March 5, 2012

The Next Chapter

Decent view..

I've made it to the big city in one piece; one very complete, happy, blissful piece. The thing about big cities is they can frustrate you or fascinate you. I choose to be fascinated. When I'm standing in line at a packed grocery store, wanting nothing more than to toss my items on the ground and walk out if it means getting home sooner; instead, it's more interesting to take a look around, observe the different people and sponge the energy. When making eye contact on the subway usually means you're invading someone's privacy, put on your favourite calming tune and zone out. When you have no idea where you're going - can't that be one of the sweetest adventures?

That's how I've been treating this fabulous experience of changing cities, tripping over boxes, being nothing less than lost and having only peanut butter in my cupboards; if anything else, what an amazing experience! There is already no doubt I feel more alive here than anywhere else.

One thing that I've also found about this big, big city, is how everything is better with a beat. The sparkling skyline from my balcony, racing to catch the swooshing subway train and pouring a glass of wine after a tireless day are only a few of the scenarios that are total perfection when paired with a feel-good rhythm, soulful vocals and a little city sass. So, for the inaugural post as a big city girl - let's throw on some big city jams.

PS Even if you don't like the city, there's no WAY you don't appreciate the city lights! Those things are magic.

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