Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off To The Races

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Have you ever had weeks that are definition cuckoo/bananas? Your planner is busting at the seams with appointments, reminders and places where you've pencilled in your own dashing out to race across town? That's sort of how I feel this week. But it's all good. I've accepted that everything takes longer in a place where half hour commutes are standard - so things are just going to have to wait! And the best part about hectic days, weeks or months, is that things really do always get done. I mean, can you think of a time when they didn't? When you just sat on all of your tasks and didn't budge? Well, those are usually few and far between I'm sure, because as hard-working human beings, we generally just trudge through and adapt. It's a pretty neat thing. Anyway, in the mean time, while I nearly tug all of my hair out - acoustic Flo knows what's up.

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