Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Ah, life in the big city. Tonight I'm making my way down to Toronto Mastercard Fashion Week, where a sea of cutting-edge trends - in the form of boots, clutches, skirts, strands and jackets - will inevitably sweep me off my feet as I perch alongside the runway with my best and most fashion-forward friend. The atmosphere, although to some pretentious and judgmental, to me is just the opposite; it's an event that holds an art form - something that was constructed based on imagination, instinct, heart and a surge of creativity. Looking to that for personal, professional or any other kind of inspiration is a perfectly harmless thing, right? It's always a joyous occasion when you're given the chance to admire something beautiful, so whatever the case may be or wherever the venue, it seems worthwhile to take it.

I wonder what the music selection will hold during these meticulously planned minutes on the catwalk? At the New York 2012 Rebecca Minkoff show, her chic yet edgy street-ready pieces were paired with a live performance of this uppity Theophilus London jam:

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