Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back in Action

Oh, hello. Can we skip the part where I explain my completely ridiculous hiatus from writing (Juno weekend, sickness, traveling again), and just jump right back into the good stuff? Great! Glad we agree.

In light of M.Ward's newest album, A Wasteland Companion, I've been perusing the internet and listening to his older tracks to refresh my memory as to why I love the male half of She and Him so much. This cover is a reason why. One of my favourite Pete Townshend classics stripped down into a lazy Luau-ready ditty fit for any of the toasty spring evenings we have coming up. Gentle sliding twang, hushed vocals and that classic,  beautiful title lyric; essentially all you need in these final days of winter to warm you right up.

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I want to go to Hawaii.

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