Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cover Story

Cool cover shot.

Kindness, a new electro-pop oddity (we sure don't have enough of those), is making tiny appearances all over the web right now in regards to the buzzing beat-driven debut "World, You Need A Change Of Mind" - a collection of true-to-its-time new wave mixes the kids will just love.

I've listened to the album and it's technical ticking and spurts of atmospheric instruments, and I wouldn't yet say it's necessarily wowing; although the mixing is top-notch, esepcially on downtown jams like "House". Also, something fairly intriguing is creator Adam Bainbridge's decision to cover The Replacement's forlorn and waltzy nightlife ballad "Swinging Party" - whittling it down into a plain and sonic take that lacks the distinctive heart of Replacement lead Paul Westerberg's aching voice, but makes up for it with a neat spacey kickbeat and layered men's chorus to chant the sad lyrics.

They don't necessarily compare in the same spheres of sound at all - but good on him for taking a whack at an inconspicous cover out of the veteran's discography. What do you think?

The Original

The Cover

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