Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Do Things"

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Sounds simple, right? A common theme that pops up within discussions of happiness is the weird inability to realize that we can create our own temperament, situations and pleasure. A lot of this inhibition, of course, really comes down to some sort of problem that we have yet to identify; some reason why we can't simply get up, make things happen for ourselves and be done with it. It's like the idea of "being the fun" at the lifeless party; whether we know it or not, we're always empowered enough to effect our own situation and change the channel for ourselves (mentally and physically), so why not just do that more often?

Not that I've been in a slump of activities or any sort of rut, but one of my summer resolutions is to just "do things". I'm a pretty motivated person, so it's rare that I'll get an idea and sit on it until it's stale. But still - there are a number of adventures I've yet to have, goals I've attempted to reach and so on and so forth. So, I plan to get off my patoot and start "doing more things" that I know will bring a little merriment to my days.

Here are a few new songs that really make me want to get up and get out.

1. Heaven - The Walkmen
 (I LOVE The Walkmen and I really love this new song; they're so unique, so interesting and so fantastic live. Doesn't this sound like The Replacements?)

2. Silhouettes - Avicii
(I'm not normally the biggest house or EDM gal, but this song is kind of exciting glamorous. Perfect for sticky summer nights)

3. Small Town Moon - Regina Spektor
(I love this woman. Upon hearing her newest album, Rolling Stone called her our generation's Joni Mitchell. And the lyrics "Today we're younger than we're ever going to be"? Lovely. )

4. If I Ever Get Around to Living - John Mayer
(This is my summer 2012 album - his best since Continuum)

5. The Veldt - DeadMau5
(I like the pulse of this little tune. I'm assuming it would be great for long strolls and city drives)

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