Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Happiness Project

This week I've been reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin - one woman's tale of deciding that although she was happy in her marriage and career, there were a number of things she could do over the course of a year to make herself just... that much happier.

I already feel lighter while reading it. So many of us are content, "happy" and going about our merry business without realizing that we haven't even reached our full potential for fulfillment and well-being. Reading Gretchen's own account is valuable and applies to any regular life, but it's the extensive philosophical, medical, theoretical and scientific evidence towards the case of "happiness" she provides that really sets the book apart from a regular literary experiment. Her efforts and research to prove that people (including herself) are not putting nearly enough effort into their own bliss and are coasting through life at a comfortable rate, really make you step back and assess your own possibilities in the realm of happiness and achieving your goals.

So, thanks to this fabulous book (which I've been meaning to sit down with for months), I've been trying to take little steps like "enjoying now", "acting how you want to feel" and "letting it go", for example...and the difference in my disposition in only two days feels vast. With reading this kind of book, I've started to think about what my own little project would be, how it would look, and of course - how it would sound. So, I'm going to dedicate this week to some happiness songs. Young, old and picked almost at random - these tracks are only a small example of how my happy day soundtrack might go:

1. Stand in The Water - Wildlife
(I know these guys! How adorable is this song?)

2. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens

3. Easily Bruised - Matthew Barber
(A Queen's university grad, I'm not quite sure why Barber isn't more famous....)

4. Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain
(A staple in my musical diet for the  past decade)

5. Water Against The Rocks - Faye
(I see BIG things for this girl and her brand new track)


  1. Definitely going to pick this up!
    Happiness is so seldom discussed, and that shouldn't be the case. xo

  2. It's one of the most amazing books. The research and discourse around what "happiness" has meant to people for centuries is astounding. You'll love it darling. xo