Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Cooldown

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As of recently, I've begun exercising in the morning before going to work for 8:00am. This sounds a little bit nutty - even to me - but it's only a slightly earlier wake-up call and it means that working late at night, a longer commute than normal or a hungry belly don't deter me from getting it done at the end of the day. And to be honest, I'm kind of loving it. Does anyone like when their alarm goes off? Not particularly. And if you do, that's great (but I'm still calling your bluff). So, regardless of my internal groaning, I get myself out of bed, head to the gym (or perhaps hit the pavement when the weather warms) - and when it's all said and done, I feel lovely. I get ready, treat myself to a giant Starbucks tea (Passion or Refresh herbal teas are my favourites) to sip away at during my commute, enjoy that one sighting of outdoors when the subway emerges from underground to coast along a stretch of magnolia trees and start the day.

They say that you shouldn't completely change the tempo of your music when transitioning from working out to cooling down, and so during actual my work-out, I don't; I opt for slightly upbeat but not as intense for those few minutes following the last sprint or set. But when I finally make it to the subway and enjoy the ride - that's when I consider myself truly in the cooldown. Despite my day only beginning, I stare blankly, nearly forget that half hour ago I was sweating away and turn on some of my favourite morning jams to put me on the truly right track. Here is what has been taking me to work, and cooling me down (while warming my heart) this week:

This is one of the most meaningful and uplifting songs of the last decade.

Fun fact: This heartwarming tale actually makes my top five favourite songs of all-time list.

ALL Patrick Watson is pure bliss. He can calm me better than any cup of tea or catnap.

This is my favourite album right now; keep an eye out for more songs, more reviews and more Of Monsters and Men love in the weeks to come. I really can't get enough of their folky, rustic, boy/girl anthems.

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