Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rush Hour

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I'm currently away on course for my work - interestingly enough one that's centred around the wonderful world of e-marketing, website optimization and social media at my old stomping grounds in Ottawa - and have been racing around this city. Between flying in late, having a doctor's appointment, participating in three days of invigorating workshop, spending lunch hours and breaks on my phone, typing away from my hotel room bed, going to bridesmaid dress fittings and trying to squeeze in a little exercise and social time - I'm already... a little spent.

But, in the midst of all of this interesting learning, multimedia and hands-on work - a social media policy module included a great video short - that used a kick ass song I'd completely forgotten about.

If I manage to work in an early morning run tomorrow, I'm most definitely going to be promoting this old-school Fatboy Slim jam back on to my iPod and rocking out. It's always amazing to me the places that you discover, or re-discover, music - therefore waking you right up out of a music-related, or sleep-deprived, funk.


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