Friday, June 15, 2012

No Driving Allowed

If you've spent even five minutes reading Diplo's twitter, you'll know that he's highly arrogant, sort of inappropriate and hilariously strange. The year of 2011 gave him that privilege though; the electronic/dubstep producer and DJ born Thomas Pentz had his spinning fingers in nearly every single industry cookie jar available to him upon tasting fame. Hosting radio shows, embarking on Canadian tours with skyrocketing oddities Grimes and Skrillex, authoring a book and working with more artists than Weezy as part of his development plan - Diplo dipped everywhere.

The result? A number of wildly successful collaborations in dancehall and dubstep - most notably with lady emcee MIA, Scissor Sisters and Chiddy Bang - and sold out shows where sweaty crowds of EDM fans writhed before the dapper (and dreamy) DJ as he blasted beats from his holy turntable podium.

His newest six song release is no different. It's progressive, rapid and impossible to sit still to - attributes possessed by the rising star himself that might act as his method to success. The title track, in particular, takes a speedy and pumped-up page out of dance-punk duo The Prodigy's 1996 handbook. Back when the eccentric electronic pair emerged from UK's house scene, their music was often praised for it's positive health benefits; up-tempo rave favourites that matched the human heart rate, therefore making for adrenaline-induced workouts and productive exercise. On the other hand, however, physicians suggested that music so closely matching the rising heartbeat could be highly dangerous for those behind the wheel  - as it was proven that with the rise of the song and hasty heartbeat, entered the rise of the driver's speed limit as well.

So, although the car keys should stay tucked away - this hot new Diplo beat shouldn't. Hold a house party or lace up your runners and let him  work his bone-rattling, muscle-moving magic.

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