Monday, June 18, 2012

Team Australia

As what I consider to be an almost-honourary Australian - having lived with two Australians and had one as a best friend for over eight years - I have always had a little soft spot for the heartwarming waterside ditties that the famously sugary Aussie indie groups release. I don't know if it's their overexposure to sun, a life spent frolicking in the sand or their overall friendly disposition - but something about the Australian population blends well with writing cute melodies and sunny ballads.

So, leave it to brother-sister indie-pop duo Angus and Julia Stone re-enter my life this weekend in fine (remixed) form. Although this precious 2010 acoustic tune was a favourite of mine over two years ago, my Saturday routine (shopping, strolling and listening) led me to a dressing room where a remixed version was blaring it right back at me again. And I must say, this swaying soft hit was not half bad with a disco beat pumping beneath it.

You see, I have this special place in my heart for "pretty dance songs." It's a weird thing of mine - maybe because I'm a bit of a music romantic - but I just love when a likeable and sweet piece of music isn't limited to the confines of a bedroom with a tub of ice cream and Meg Ryan film. If you add in a beat, some triumphant moments and a dance floor - no one overeats or wallows, and everyone wins.

So, Happy Monday! Here's the acoustic version as well as it's uppity transformation. Enjoy moving and grooving to the cuteness:

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