Thursday, June 21, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

I never really understood why Glasvegas didn't continue on their road to rock stardom. The young Glaswegian's Brit-rock revivalist melodies, throaty accent-smothered pleas and wholehearted melodies were incredible from the get-go - both in the studio and in fine live form. I had the pleasure of seeing their booming romance-rock at a live show three years ago and was astounded by the sonically colossal, but soulful and sweet, delivery from atop the big stage. I was stunned right off the bat - an opening band occurrence that I always look forward to - because their socially aware working-class anthems were honest and real, but also glittery and lovable.

Now, this was their first self-titled album and consequent tour as four young blokes riding the wave as a predicted part of the indie-rock next generation.Their second album, released almost a year ago to date, was not as well-received. I was saddened to hear that it didn't live up to the grandiose chords and lyrical vulnerability of its predecessor, but nonetheless it had some endearing moments that shouldn't be forgotten, like the soaring retro ballad "The World Is Yours."

Either way, wherever they end up, we'll always have who came first - and that's Geraldine.

Breathtaking acoustic version:

And the beautiful original:

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