Thursday, July 12, 2012

Channel Orange: Get It

R&B might be back.

In an impressive effort to "do him," the spark plug singer/songwriter from New Orleans known as Frank Ocean has momentarily hung up the many hats he's worn for other people - whether it be as ghostwriter to the stars, producer of critically-acclaimed mix tapes or Kanye West and Jay-Z's fresh perspective. Despite previously penning for some of the biggest names in the industry, the 25 year-old  admittedly has plenty of stories to tell from his camp, as heard through the unveiling of his own musical novel, a page-turner, a contemporary masterpiece; one that sounds unlike anything else we've been offered from the genre in nearly a decade.

After an arduous climb that began less than two years ago, Ocean has stepped out solo with a pocketful of credit and a leaked stream of what he's called Channel Orange - a reflective and rare collection of milky, beat-driven diary entries that effortlessly resemble revelations along the profound lines of Adele's 21 while sounding like Stevie Wonder and Maxwell's soulful time warp hybrid. I wouldn't say my music library is an R&B heavy one in any way, but based on what I do know about the classics, as well as what I've heard on Channel Orange - Ocean is about to make tidal waves.

More to come...look for Channel Orange on July 17th.

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