Monday, July 30, 2012

Dan Deacon: Summer Strolling

This song makes my heart skip a beat. Or maybe it's the fact that today I had my first coffee in almost four months? Probably the latter, but the song helps.

This sunny July track from electronic composer and musician Dan Deacon is perfect for what I love most about my life in Toronto - the hours I spend on foot, zigzagging through the mess of towering skyscrapers. To get me in step, I usually need a little beat, a little hop, a little something like this; a chipper movie montage melody that pumps this sublime feeling of comfort through my veins while I stroll. I had never considered summer a favourite season of mine until I moved to Toronto. Now I think I could settle for a life of meandering through the city, with bright ditties like this, if everything else fell through.

Happy Monday. Go have a coffee too!



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