Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knock Knock: New Band of Horses

As undoubtedly one of my very favourite bands, I'm always pleased to hear new Band of Horses touring or album release news. So, today was a good Tuesday! Because I heard both.

As it turns out, the Sup Pop alt-rockers announced their upcoming release Mirage Rock this morning, which will hit the shelves on September 17th along with a short UK tour to boot. Mirage Rock is the follow-up to 2010's Infinite Arms, the band's hesitantly received third album that featured a handful of attractive rock numbers, as well as another handful of forgettables. Trust me, this has never been easy to admit - seeing as my obsession with their twang-filled Americana alt-rock stands in the way - but the album simply wasn't extraordinary. Save for a few toe-tapping singles like "Laredo" and "On My Way Back Home", I've had to rely on their genius first two albums (the triumphant-sounding Everything All The Time and Cease to Begin) for the majestic Southern-rock anthems I've spent years swooning to.

Another Band of Horses disappointment? Sadly, theirs was the only concert I've ever missed in my life. I had tickets to it, something came up, I ran late...and missed their set entirely. Heartbreaking! Fingers crossed that never happens again and that the newest album doesn't leave me continuing to hit repeat on their debut and sophomore releases.

Based on this track, as well as the fact that the album is Glyn Johns produced (studio guru behind Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Who, etc. albums), I predict nothing but acclaim, a rustic-sounding autumn and re-invigorated love for their timeless rock goodness.

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