Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New God Flow

There was a period of time when Kanye West was undoubtedly everyone's favourite hip-hop artist to scoff at. I couldn't even decide if I liked him anymore. Arrogant, entitled and picking on poor T-Swift while claiming to be God's gift to hip-hop - the industry was conflicted in deciding whether he was way off his rocker or legitimately believed in his product that much. Then, as is normally the case with any controversial firecracker, undeniable talent and artistic capacity re-converted fans one-by-one with the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - a genius lyrical testament to the rapper's belief in his prophetic talent. Slowly, he re-convinced the world he might actually be God's gift to hip-hop.

And since pulling off this re-conversion of the masses, the mouthpiece rapper has had free reign to release astounding singles, samples and compilations - like his latest, "New God Flow" - that speak to this latter belief through newly reiterated spark plug statements like, "I believe there's a God above me, I'm just the God of everything else." And on top of questionable and  hilariously catchy rhymes such as those, West can bark comparisons of himself to Lebron, Rodney King and Dr. King without yielding a slapped palm-to-forehead response heard around the world. Only Yay and a select few others can commit artistic blasphemy while musically kicking ass.

Naturally (re)speaking to his divine artistic supremacy, West and Pusha T's newest track is pure gold; a feisty gospel rant that marks the first of his G.O.O.D. compilation set to release August 7th. The forthcoming music compilation promises to feature the acts signed to West's label as well as the megastar himself, and if this first hit is any indication - I predict a powerful showing by each of the  acclaimed young disciples as well as the New God himself.

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