Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Antlers Underwater

The Antlers

I first heard The Antlers over a year ago courtesy of their runaway blunt heartbreak anthem "I Don't Want Love," and immediately found a soft spot for their chugging melodies and laissez-faire conceptual songwriting. The Brooklyn band have since quietly become a staple on the alt-rock airwaves, whether in the form of their debut LP's toxic relationship reflections or opening live for the likes of The National on international stages.

On the trio's newly released EP Undersea, Pete Silberman's creamy howl does what it did best on Hospice - plonk a haunting trance over the listener with freewheeling instrumentals and provocative lyricism. The tunes, equally as wistful as the full-length, drag out like the tidal theme of the album and are best exemplified in the song's most breathtaking lullaby - an 8-minute ode to the eternal journey called "Endless Ladder."

Sleepy boulevard guitars pick away next to spasming Album Leaf-reminiscent keyboard effects while Silberman's breathy vibrato asks evocative questions about his journey through what seems like a lethargic existence. An EP that the band described as something resembling "the serenity of drifting off to sleep or sinking to the bottom of the ocean," sounds exactly like the former - that place in between awake and asleep when your brain thinks some large, and odd, thoughts.

Pick this EP up when you get the chance, it's worth every penny.

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